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Your business depends on reliable and fast internet service. Horizon's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) gives you peace of mind, helping your business stay connected with a high-speed, high-availability, and secure solution. Nowadays, time is money. Dedicated internet connections provide the consistency and speed that businesses need to be competitive.

  • Fast speeds
  • No congestion
  • Predictability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • When businesses connect with a shared internet service, they risk congestion, slow speeds, outages, unpredictability, and security issues. Shared internet connections are good for a home or small office, but not for larger businesses that rely heavily on internet connectivity performance. Simply having connectivity is no longer sufficient. The speed, quality, and availability of an organization’s internet connection increasingly impact bottom lines and customer satisfaction. That’s why DIA is designed specifically for businesses with fast, reliable, and dynamic internet services.

    Here’s how a dedicated internet connection stacks up against a shared internet connection:

    • Better performance. With DIA, download speeds and upload speeds are always symmetrical to make applications run smoothly and avoid interruptions to business operations. DIA’s high upload speed and low latency enable large file uploads, which are problematic over the shared internet.
    • Guaranteed service. Dedicated internet access providers offer guarantees with Service Level Agreements (SLA). So, if your dedicated internet connection doesn’t meet standards for speed, bandwidth, or uptime, you are eligible for SLA credits — unlike broadband connectivity where there are no performance guarantees.
    • Faster troubleshooting. Troubleshooting a dedicated internet connection challenge takes a few hours or less, but shared business internet response times can last hours or days. A prolonged delay or outage can cripple a business.
  • Horizon DIA is enterprise-grade, scalable, flexible, and fast. Ours is like a private fast lane to help you get the reliable service and speed you pay for, no matter how many users are on the network.

    With Horizon, DIA delivery occurs over a 100% state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, helping businesses in several ways:

    • Increase Productivity – Fast, reliable internet speeds for uploads and downloads ensure capacity for your critical business applications. This helps employees access files and resources in near real-time and improves customer satisfaction.
    • Flexible – We offer a wide range of access options from T1 to high-capacity Ethernet connections that can be easily adjusted from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. Also, leverage our flexible billing with flat and aggregate options.
    • Reliable – Horizon’s network is resilient, built with ringed technology for redundancy that provides ultimate reliability. Speeds are dedicated, dependable, and backed by Service Level Agreements. With Horizon, your business will be much less prone to issues such as packet loss or jitter, which leads to poor performance.
    • Scalable – The Horizon team builds custom solutions that are scalable to fit today’s needs, growing with your business’s internet demands.
    • Multi-site connectivity – DIA can be connected to multiple sites for current and future locations.

    Support – Our local team has been trusted for 125 years to supply quality customer care to all partners. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is located and staffed in Columbus, Ohio, providing 24/7/365 monitored support. Issues are identified quickly and notification happens within minutes

  • Horizon 5,500+ miles of fiber-optic network connects Ohio businesses, schools, government agencies, nonprofits, financial institutions and healthcare facilities with high-quality, highly reliable internet and unified communications services.

    For a nonprofit organization that provides healthy living social programs to local neighborhoods, Horizon’s ability to provide large bandwidth and reliable performance was just the solution the YMCA needed to keep their in-need communities connected in the midst of a pandemic.

    With Horizon’s fiber-optic connectivity, the YMCA of Central Ohio was able to provide Learning Extension Centers, STEM opportunities through eSports and virtual classes, and provide necessary online resources for students.

    “We are grateful for this partnership with Horizon, which allows us to significantly improve our YMCA’s WiFi experience and access as we serve our communities through various virtual programs and platforms.” – Tony Collins, YMCA of Central Ohio CEO

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped the YMCA solve their bandwidth connectivity needs for a dozen Central Ohio locations.

Features and Specifications

  • Speeds ranging from 5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps
  • Fiber on-net or partner off-net access
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Standard network security
  • 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Ports
  • Optional demarcation extension to multiple locations
  • Carrier-Class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for service availability
  • Flexible billing

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